The Vivo Mobile 10 is coming up soon and we are all well and truly excited for the release! The Vivo C20 was one of the phones which leaked over the winter, but this model will be different. It looks like the C20 will carry the similar design as the Vivo M handset, however it will have a few differences. The leak claimed that the C20 would have a fingerprint scanner, which could possibly help protect against people stealing your password, but we will have to see when it comes on.

The other interesting feature which was supposed to be in the vivo v20 is a camera setup. The leak said that the C20 would include a camera setup which is similar to the iPhone, however it does not look like this will be the case. Rather the camera will be a standalone gadget within the base of the phone. This camera set-up might allow you to take a lot more photos, however we’ll have to see when the vivo v20 comes out so we can assess this.

The new in-screen fingerprint scanner on the vivo v20 looks set to be a revolutionary new feature which will allow you to sign into your accounts on all your devices, including your smartphone. This will allow you to log on to your account from any android device, so long as you have access to wifi. The leaked photo also shows that the vivo v20 will use a new technology called Yota Sensor, which will be able to automatically adjust the brightness of the screen depending on whether you are indoors or outdoors. This is very convenient and will mean that you don’t need to constantly switch between brightness levels in bright sunlight.

Another feature which the leak implied would be present on the vivo v20 is the presence of a large internal memory, which should enable it to support the kind of apps that you would be installing. The leak also indicates that the vivo v20 would have two cameras instead of the usual eight – one for video recording, one for picture recording. This would be very useful if you want to capture moving images and videos. We know from other leaks that the vivo v20’s OoS system is far more advanced than the iPhone’s, so this decision to add more functionality is a smart one.

The leak also indicates that the vivo v20 will have a dual touch display, with no known physical button on the handset. What this means is that instead of having the regular home key on the left side of the handset like the iPhone, you will instead have a small, centre button which takes you to the home screen. This is a good idea, as it allows you to use the handset without actually having to touch the screen to do anything. The reason why the physical button was not present on the iPhone is that it had already been decided that the touch screen on a smartphone would be too small to be worth manufacturing. However, the new vivo v20 has an advantage in that it will not be facing any major manufacturing problems, so it should be able to keep the feature, but it may be that the centre button is simply there to tell you that you have set the phone up correctly.

The biggest difference between the vivo v20 and the two previous phones is the amount of RAM it comes with – 1GB instead of the previous phones’ 1GB. This is a big change, as the additional RAM will allow the device to run faster and therefore get you more done. We know that the android devices are getting slower all the time, so anything that can speed them up is a blessing, including this excellent new handsets from Funtouch. If you were worried about the performance of the vivo v20 compared to the competition, the fear is unfounded. It is powerful, it has great features and a large, colourful screen – making it the ideal tool for productivity.

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