Executive Summary

On distribution layer a single layer 3 switch place to attach various chambers and rooms, also it provide managing feature just in case we don’t want to put load on router. Information technology assignment help, In this report all configurations regarding IP addressing and cabling and planning discussed which will help to implement devices at right place and save cost of company to avoid making unnecessary purchase of devices. 


every medical centers has Radio unit which has CT scan, X-ray, MRI and Ultrasound machine which should be connected to enterprise network and Lab room which has a PC and a server for saving lab reports locally and from third party connected to enterprise network and some other room are also there like Waiting area, Visitor room and Reception, their networking devices and PCs are also connected to enterprise network.


Business Goal is to meet network requirement to work effectively, network design set the structure of whole planning process a “top down design” is configured to focus on high end application or service need first of business. Networking assignment help, Like here multiple medical networking devices is required to connect various medical system and send real-time update to enterprise network. Business goal is also to keep the cost low as much feasible to maintain quality of standard or requirements. Fewer devices are easy to manage as well and keep the cost low.

Explanation and Justification of logical Network design

It is designed following “top down network” topology, and while designing this each department is separated via different device and department devices grouped together, it make us easy to understand which device is belongs to which department so on we can continue linking with other networking device and set configuration if required.


Different user communities’ uses different network applications, like doctor use Curofy and docplexus to provide update to critical patients. At reception, receptionist maintain records of visitors using visitor management tool and has all record regarding patients room number and their health condition. 

List of Routing and Switching protocols, and Security mechanism 

In routing, Computer networks assignment help, WAN link is used to connect routers of Utopimed and Melbourne Branch and in switching, layer 2 switches used in distribution layer to forward the data so no protocol required. For security management, we can put ACL on router to restrict external network to access our network and on wireless router we have used WPA2-PSK security to secure the connection.

Explanation and justification of networking device

Used layer 2 switches at access layer to provide maximum scalability and extent the user at any time, not much of configuration required in this switch which will be helpful to avoid unnecessary trouble. At distribution layer, layer 3 switch is used to connect with the chain of medical centers each centers can be configured or monitored by this switch. And Homework help service at core layer, router is used to provide connectivity between each device and connect with Melbourne branch, using a router helpful in maintaining and troubleshooting the whole network from a single device.


We use devices from different section to ping each other, ping is use to check the connectivity between different devices. Like different rooms to chambers and chambers to servers etc.


Ping from Chamber 2 to Lab server.

In PC of chamber 2,

Open command line


Ping from Waiting room PC to Chamber 2 PC.

In PC of Waiting Room,

Open command line

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