There is one cool gadget available which bring more immersion for you or your kid’s room, and they’re called star projectors (home planetariums by some people). These are devices capable of projecting everything from the starry skies to planetary bodies and can be either realistic and educational or mood enhancers.

Every fan of astronomy or sci-fi out there likes to have a part of the universe in their own home. projecteur Galaxie Regardless if it’s a poster of the constellations, a prop from the newest movie or even a model within the solar system, those it is always there to remind you of your fire.The best star projector out will be the Encalife Atmosphere and must be the first choice circumstance budget allows it. Still, there are others that serve an unfamiliar purpose and any one ones could be deemed a more interesting proposition for your own situation.

One of this new entries to our list could be the Atmosphere star projector by Encalife that’s why it deservedly earns our top pick. One of the best bits by the Atmosphere is it is voice controllable by either Google Assistant or Alexa voice control once setup (which only takes a few minutes to do), allowing for you to control primarily about all the settings while voice. This alone sets it apart from most other star projectors.

Alternatively, you can install the Smart Life app against your own phone (both iOS and Android compatible) and control everything at the palm of one’s hand. In the event that you want to change the nebula colors and brightness to one of the available 16.7 million colors by the color wheel on the mobile app, you will likely. If you need to program and save different combinations of star speeds and nebula speeds and colors, you can do that.

Finally, while the design within the actual unit won’t figure out how good or bad it is, it lets you do look modern and it’s compact enough to sit nicely rrn your bedside table or elsewhere in your room. Allowing you 4 adjustable angles, so you can either project acceptable on the wall or ceiling.

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